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In a New York Minute (Fishy Liveblog with 'Nucks/Isles)

Postgame Thoughts - Well the media angle aside, this game was up and down but the Islanders were winning the battles and making less mistakes. MacDonald was awesome for them and Luongo was equally great; it could have been 5-5 out there without those guys laying it on the line.

I'm not sure what got into the minds of some of those passes Vancouver was making but guys like Salo, Demitra and Raymond needs a stern talking to because they were horrendous. The Sedins with lazy penalties again, Pyatt/Bernier completely disappearing, etc etc. If they collectively play that irresponsibly against the Rangers they'll be in deep trouble.

Maybe that's the best part to take away from this game: they got a point and made some mistakes that are better to suffer against the Isles then the Rags. But the worst part? They could have won this and pissed it away...and that's not a slam against the Islanders (who really do need a hug if they're so insecure) but the truth about Vancouver's play.

Huge game in two days. Absolutely huge.

- It's all on Burrows now. He skates in...and MacDonald pokechecks it away. Isles win. And it takes a split second for the announcers to go right back to the media angle again.

- The game is on Hunter's stick...and he misses wide.

- Demitra's turn...and not even close. Demitra went so far wide it was like he was leaving the ice.

- Bailey up for the Isles...and Lui shuts the five hole.

- Pudge to the rescue...misses.

- Nielsen goes first for the Islanders...scores.

- The announcers are STILL bitching about the Vancouver media. Give it up guys.


- Nycholet off MacDonald's shoulder...OT ends. Damn that was a hell of a finish.

- Hansen to Salo in the waning seconds...STOPPED!

- The Isles damn near had a 3-on-1 if it wasn't for a quick Kesler backcheck.

- Half way through the OT and nothing going for either team.

- They should play all games four and four, far more entertaining to watch.


- End of regulation and to the OT we go. As Marty would say to Doc, "I have a bad feeling about this."

But not about this:

- The final minute and who do I see pushing into the Islanders zone? Bernier, Pyatt and O'Brien. Hey Alain, a word please?

- With the game on the line, Bernier breaks in and blasts one...square into the crest on MacDonald's jersey. Well done big bear.

- Luongo again called into action against some Islander. Another giveaway. Another reason Mikes dies a little more inside.

- Luongo's HUGE again. Two stops on Hunter on the doorstep and another on a Bailey backhander following that.

- Long Island back to the power play with Raymond taking a hooking call (moments before Raymond made a bad cross ice pass that led to the Islander rush he took the call on). Getting ugly again...

- I wish Luongo was mic'ed tonight, his cursing must be Andrew Dice Clay like.

- Hansen just drove hard to the net and forced Campoli to take a hooking call. A major opportunity for Vancouver.

To celebrate we call out for Lauren (I understand she makes great waffles):

- Vancouver is getting sloppy again.

- Luongo just saved O'Brien's ass because Guerin just schooled him on a nice move and a better pass from Bergenheim.

- Pyatt goes to the box for hooking. Great timing for MySpace to make his impact on the game.

- The last three minutes: Salo takes a bomb from the point, Demitra has a wrist shot in the slot blocked, Burrows is stopped by MacDonald and Hansen has a shot deflected out of the zip code. Bit by bit the Canucks are taking this game back.

- Wellwood and Raymond trying to set up each other back and forth but MacDonald swats them away easily. Vancouver has far more jump then they did all last period.

- Salo drills it off the post, thus ending the best chance the Canucks had on the man advantage.

- Here goes, what Vancouver team will we see: the one from the first minutes of this game or the one from the other 35?

(Third Period)

- End of the second and that was all Islanders. Must have been nice for the few home town fans in attendance out there. Vancouver has to come out more charged or this one is over.

In the meantime, as we go to the second intermission, here is Dina (the Ice Girl hostess?) who shows you what waking up in her apartment must look like:

- Okposo clips Luongo in the face and the Canucks will end the period on the power play.

- Shots: 18-6 Long Island.

- Now Pudge coughs it up in the neutral zone and the Isles broke in 3-on-2 but Luongo smothers it up. This period can't end quickly enough. Shots now are 17-5 Islanders.

- It gets better: Weight gets the goal after it deflects O'Brien's stick. Not #55's fault at all, the Canucks look atrocious right now.

- Yup there it is. I think Weight or Hunter got the deflection. Either way, the Isles have owned this period and that's a hard-earned well deserved goal for them. Tied up 1-1.

- Demitra damn near handed Park a short-handed goal...ten seconds later Raymond does the same thing with Jackman and takes a slashing call to boot. Holy hell this is getting disgusting.

- Martinek takes a call for holding Bernier and now Vancouver gets a shot to screw up their power play opportunity.

- I shit you not: the Isles are outshooting the Canucks 12-1 halfway through this period. See? Lethargic play.

Ugh, nothing positive to say means let's stare at another Ice's Kelly (who honestly looks like she'd be at home behind the perfume counter at Macy's):

- Kesler just went offsides, otherwise he and Burrows had a clear shorthanded 2-on-1. Now Johnson kills off a good chunk of the remaining time and they're back at even strength.

- Daniel Sedin just hooked someone and the Isles go back to the power play. Is it just me or are the Sedins taking a lot more penalties this year?

- The Isles just missed an open net with a scramble in front of Luongo and they won't notch a PP goal either. Luongo's clearing holding the fort down now. Vancouver's play up front has that lethargic feel to it. Annoying.

- Woah, Luongo's in the game now: he just stoned someone in front with his left pad. Henrik skates off for cross checking with the Islanders coming alive again...

- Both teams spent the past three minutes making long stretch passes and missing while the other team cycles back and tries the same. Fun fun fun! And the Islanders have trouble getting people in the door you say? Hmm...

- And the second gets underway with the Sedins/Demitra out there again, easily the best line so far tonight for Vancouver.

(Second Period)

- End of the first period and the Canucks have the lead, the shots and controlled much of the first part of the period though it got sloppier towards the end. Vigneault will get them to tighten up hopefully.

In the meantime, let's praise say hello to Samantha:

- The Islanders color guy doesn't think the Canucks have a good defensive unit; literally the comment was "solid, but not great". This is what staring at Andy Sutton and Mark Streit a few times a week on defense will make you think.

- Raymond just put on a puck handling clinic deep in the Islanders end. Pay attention you impressionable youths out there.

- Islanders are coming on a bit more with just over five minutes remaining in the first. Canucks are outshooting the Isles 8-5 at the moment.

- Hey the Islanders did something: start a fight. Jackman and Davison. Looks like Davison was sticking up for a hit Jackman put on him. It was a draw after some big rights but Jackman seemed poise to bring the hurt there.

- Hey for all the Islander media Stan Fischler, bitching out there that Vancouver is mean, this won't help shut them up:

- Pudge draws a penalty from Campoli who hooked him in the "midsection". Sort of like tapping a twig along the broadside of a hippo no? Campoli never had a prayer.

- Commercial break! That means another Islander Ice girl to share. Kelli you're up:

- I'm curious: does anyone still eat cotton candy at games? The poor souls lugging them around have about 100 in their seems excessive.

- Vancouver has had two legit 2-on-1's in four minutes. Didn't convert on either but don't get technical on me. Effort counts.

- Richard Park has the "A"?

- In a New York Minute kids: Henrik to Nycholat (I think) Daniel to Demitra and a 1-0 Vancouver lead in the first minute. Unless I am mistaken there was a good response from the crowd too.

- And less than a minute into the game we have the requisite "Ryan Kesler injures himself" moment with him crashing into the net on a 2-on-1. Well done sir.

- As the anthems get sung, I wanted to introduce you to Chanel, one of the best reasons to follow the Islanders. Hey America, she's got talent:

(First Period)

- Sweet Fischler has been sent back to the home and Howie Rose takes over. He's one of the better excitable announcers out there. Game should start in a hot second...

- A Mike Bossy commercial now? OK I think I get it now: they're stuck in the 80's. Poor guys. Can't wait to hear the musical selections during game stoppages.

- Jeeeeeeus. Now Fischler brought up the Vancouver media thing and referenced the Isles four banners. God, what a complex these guys get. By the by, did you know Fischler is a New York City Subway historian? What's that? You could give a rats ass about the NY subway system? Well, you just made Fischler cry a little bit inside.

- Nice, the hottest girl entering the arena is in a vintage Vancouver jersey. And now they're woken up and propped Stan Fischler vertically (broomstick in the ass?) so we can hear his expert opinions. He's just giving predictions. Booooring. C'mon Isles you can do a better pregame than this I know it.

Pregame: Jesus, what the hell did the Vancouver papers say?? All I keep hearing is that we insulted the Isles somehow (which makes them shoot back how we've never won a Cup). It's cute when teams that won it two decades ago have to remind us they won a Cup. Waaaaaaaaah.


The geniuses at NHL Center Ice haven't figured out how to play nice with CBC's Hockey Night In Canada so I've missed at least four games now including Saturday's Canucks/Leafs tilt. From what I've read, it went pretty damn well: Pudge gets his revenge, Demitra shows he can still play and Luongo damn near started another shutout streak. The captain finishes the homestand allowing just three goals and surrendered only one even strength goal through the past six. I told you he's angry.

And Pudge? earned it:

On to the road trip into my backyard, it'll be a homecoming of sorts of Luongo (and, to that end, Florida is still bumming getting suckered out of him too). Also, with Edler feeling buggy, we may be seeing a lot more of Davison and Nycholat.

On the other end, the Isles just got busy dusting off Ottawa twice in a row. Though they need some special teams help and currently sit in the basement of the Atlantic, they are getting good work out of Joey MacDonald as well as Weight and Hunter. Tonight they'll be getting Radek Martinek back too. They'll also still be without Thomas Pock who tried to take former Canuck Ryan Shannon's head off last week.

The last time the Canucks came East things went pretty poorly. The last thing they need to do is start off round two by underestimating a team like the Isles so hopefully their flight was fine, their biorhythms are copasetic and, I don't know, their Venus is in the fourth quadrant of the August sky. Whatever, just go get it done and set the table for Wednesday's date with that guy.

If I am around tonight I'll follow it live for shits and giggles (cause that's how I roll). Still trying to find tickets to Wednesday's game because nothing says love like getting heckled by fat, ignorant Ranger fans in person.