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Canucks' practice: Bieksa injured, Bernier demoted and Demitra should play Saturday; Luongo's new mask

Maybe Kevin Bieksa should never play against the Predators again. In this year's first game against the Preds Bieksa took a Michel Ouellet slapshot off the foot and actually fractured it. He has played a few games on that foot but no longer. He is expected to miss about 2 weeks. Damn it. The injuries on D CURSE is happening again!

According to Elliot Papp of the Vancouver Sun, Alain Vigneault had the slumping Steve Bernier on the 4th line with Hordichuk and Johnson. Pavol Demitra was playing on line 2 with Wellwood and Pyatt.
Steve Bernier has seen his output decline game after game. He has 4 goals and 8 points in 16 games. I think we are expecting more goals from him. But with Pyatt improving, Wellwood continually looking like he belongs and Demitra returning, why not demote Bernier and see what the new line 2 can do? Seeing Demitra play with Wellwood is something I'm looking forward to (and so is he). Maybe they'll click. God knows Wellwood can pass. He needs a bonafide finisher. Aside from that I have not missed Pavol. He had better play a good 2-way game when he returns because everybody else is.
By the way, Demitra returning on Saturday is not 100% confirmed. He is still day-to-day. He can shoot the puck well but not take the hits quite yet.
As a couch coach, I would say that Vigneault needs to play Wellwood with the Sedins on the PP ALL NIGHT on Saturday. Against the Avalanche, Woody never saw time with the sisters until the 3rd or 4th power play. That's not right, because we know those 3 click.

From Salo and Bieksa missed practice today. Glass Salo has a sore shoulder. He is listed as day-to-day. (Jeeziz) Bieksa is sore somewhere on his lower body but is expected to play on Saturday.

Roberto Luongo was flaunting a new mask at practice (pictured, from It may look sharp, but I like his Johnny Canuck-themed mask better.
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