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Brodeur out 4 months

What a huge loss to the Devils. Brodeur needs surgery to repair torn bicep tendons. The only thing that has ever held Marty Brodeur out of the line up for any extended period of time was lockouts and Chris Terreri (back when Brodeur was just breaking into the league.) His chase of Patrick Roy's record will be put on hold. More importantly, I need to find a new goalie in about 5 of my 7 Yahoo Pools. Damn it.
A concerned coach Sutter could only remain positive on the exterior:
"When you have a Marty Brodeur as a goaltender and he's out for a significant amount of time sure it certainly gives you a knot in your stomach, but you have move forward," Devils coach Brent Sutter told the Bergen Record. "I'm confident and I trust the players here that they will do what needs to be done to move forward."
So now the questions abound. How well will Kevin Weekes and Scott Clemmenson fill in the void? They, especially Clemmenson, will finally emerge out of the shadows.
There is a lot riding on those 2. The Devils didn't acquire guys like Holik and Rolston to just make the playoffs. They in my opinion are/were a Cup contender.
The best thing about the Devils is that can play the trap like no other. They currently sit 6th best in the NHL in shots against. We know how much Brodeur has benefited (on top of his skills) playing behind these Devils teams for the past decade and a half. So maybe the 2 backups will be alright. Time will tell.
Would the Devils take a stab at Nikolai Khabibulin now? That will depend on how Weekes and Clemmenson perform.

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