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Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Hours To Go...

4:02 PM ET Update: Via the Team 1040, Pettinger and Krog have cleared waivers and are on their way to Manitoba. The top two lines for the Moose are looking pretty good.


Just a few questions remain on what the starting lineup will be tomorrow, including if it'll be Davison or O'Brien on the ice and the other gets some popcorn in the pressbox along with Wellwood (OK he doesn't get any snacks) and a jetlagged Brown.

As expected, Nycholat will start the season on the IR. Cowan has passed through waivers but the team is exploring other avenues with him rather than sending him to Manitoba. Lastly, Hodgson (remember him?) plans on making the team next year.

As the dust settles on the back end, here are the winners up front:


The captain should be happy this season that crease crashers will finally be paying a price for their misdeeds.

The 50/50 proceeds tomorrow night will be going to a charity in Bourdon's name.

Meanwhile the time for the predictions are over (though this team did pick up a respected slot in BoA's Northwest prediction yesterday). In one day we get our sport back.

Any pithy thoughts remain out there? Any nagging fears or things you're looking forward to our of the gate? I'll give you some of my quick shots:

Raymond/Hansen - The newest blood out there. It's tough not to get excited when you see the kids make it. I've missed Hansen since the 2007 playoffs where he played his heart out. Same with Raymond's fast start from last year. Two guys who started last season with promise, hit some injuries along the way and are ready for a new chance. Here it is.

Bieksa - Bieksa had the year from hell last year. He may be traded at any second for all we know, but as long as he's got that big ass "Vancouver" across his chest, I think we all want to see that snarl and energy back.

O'Brien - I'm curious, did we replace one over-hyped guy with another?

Demitra/Bernier - The scoring crusaders who arrived from afar to help right this listing ship. Bernier gets the limelight with the Sedins whereas Demitra gets his shot at creating something Vancouver hasn't had in several years: a legitimate second line. Any success this team has may come down to how these two produce and how they contribute to their lines at even strength and on the man advantage. God speed.

Hordichuk/Rypien - If these guys can avoid boneheaded calls, it's a line that would make Odjick smirk.

Luongo - Here's hoping the team in front of him is finally the one he's been looking for since the Isles drafted him. It doesn't look like it on paper, but things on paper are never as they appear. Luongo himself is excited for this team and the second he starts standing on his head the team better respond.

...and things I am dreading...

One goal games - Lost in the happiness of the preseason record was that six of the seven games were one goal affairs. Two went to the SO. The lone loss was decided in OT. My fragile sense of self can't take fifty more of these. Let's attempt a hat trick this year, hey what?

Third Period Meltdowns - You've seen it before: the Canucks comfortably have a lead through two periods and you think about going to bed early. Only to wake in the morning and see they just sat back, took some bad penalties, and a quick goal or two later the game is lost and you're left with that look on your face like you just shit yourself in public. Not good. For a laugh, let's not let this happen at all this year.

Vigneault - How thin is this guy's margin for error? And can he really create an offensive minded game? I'm skeptical, we'll see. But seriously, if it comes down to wins or an up tempo style of coaching, we all know what we'd rather see.

T minus one...