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The Final 48

2:14 PM ET Update - Gillis had to do something and that something is try and get Pettinger and Krog down to the Moose via the waivers. Via TSN (h/t Kukla):

The Vsncouver [sic] Canucks also made a couple of players available in forwards Matt Pettinger and Jason Krog.

Krog, a former Hobey Baker award winner, signed as an unrestricted free agent in July. He had a goal and an assist in five pre-season games. Pettinger, acquired last February for Matt Cooke, tallied six points in 20 games last season with the Canucks.
I think it's a shot in the dark these guys make it through. Pettinger can bring some energy to a team like the BJ's who lost Torres maybe and Krog is a project waiting for a team to give him the playing time. I hope they make it; better to have them on reserve then watch them score on us later a la McIver.

An early guess at the lines now would suggest it'll be Hansen/Kesler/Burrows and Rypien/Johnson/Hordichuk with Wellwood and Brown being the remaining two forwards Vigneault can elect to keep on.


Lost in his moves yesterday was the decision to keep Mike Brown around rather then put him on waivers. Brown, I suppose, is slated to line up on the fourth line with Hordichuk and who knows who else.

Meanwhile, Gillis has said he'd rather force through a trade then lose another warm body like he did in McIver; Gillis faces a similar issue if he waives Krog or Nycholat as both may be scooped up by teams plagued with injuries already. You may as well keep your eyes open today to see what Gillis does before tomorrow's deadline.

As for the new guy, he'll be wearing Jovo's old number and already has a fan in Steve Bernier who remembers him from their battle of California days last year. He's excited to come here too. On a lighter note, he has an appreciation for golf and understands conditioning so maybe he can help Wellwood. As for Krajicek, he goes to a team that is probably not done tinkering with their back end.

I like this trade. Krajicek always felt like more hype since he arrived here, a slick puck mover who never really fit with this group. He may go gangbusters in Tampa and more power to him if so, but it wasn't happening here and he wasn't going to crack the top four anytime soon which he may do in Tampa (Andrej Meszaros and Matt Carle would appear to be the top two in front of him on the depth chart).

Vigneault can now deploy a top six of:


Davison, Nycholat and Baumer round out that mix which makes it pretty damn deep, better then last year's additions of Miller and Weaver. It also adds a level of toughness to the roster too, a tough attribute to properly measure but something the Canucks have definitely been lacking in previous seasons as well. Hell even Vancouver opposition thinks we won this trade.

A final thought is what role Ouellet plays in all of this. He's already reported to the minors and though some in the CDC have him pegged to play with the Sedins already (wow) one of the mods interjected some reality:

Since they traded him to us, he starts the season in the AHL and will have to clear Re-entry waivers to play for our team. If he is claimed from re-entry waivers, we get hit with half of his cap hit, which is 625K.

As it stands, we are paying 1.25M for Ouellet to play for Manitoba, he does not currently count against the cap. We pay his salary, but he does not count against our cap.
So to see Ouellet in a Canuck uni means someone else gets a stab at him first. Any reason to have pulled off the trade to help the Bolts checkbook only to lose him on the waivers on re-entry, especially if he lights up the AHL? Maybe, maybe not. But he fits the trend that Gillis has set with taking a shot at some young guys (Bernier, Krog, even Wellwood) who needed a new home.

Lastly, a nauseating article on Bertuzzi and Morrison can be found here.

...48 hours and counting...