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Some positivity in the Canucks' camp after returning home

Alain Vigneault said today:
"No team in this league, with the competitive nature of the league, can win consistently if your best players aren't your best players night in and night out," said Vigneault. "Right now our guys are working extremely hard to get to that level. Roberto was on the ice an hour before everybody today. The twins are working as hard as I've ever seen them play. So, as a coach, as an organization, you've got to support your personnel when you see them doing the extra that they're doing right now. And you've just got to believe that sooner rather than later we're going to get on a roll."
That's good to hear. Now let's see how or when this translates into consistency on the ice.
According to, Vigneault had Jason Krog practicing with the Sedins on a powerplay unit.
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