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So which team is it going to be?

Lucic Lucic Lucic. Blah blah blah. Crashing The Goalie has a good piece on some awful moves by Nonis (namely Mika Noronen, Keith Carney, and some profuse vomiting afterwards) that would have given the Canucks a shot at Lucic. Who knows, it's fun to speculate at the mistakes this team has made come draft day.

The bigger question for this evening is are we going to see some consistency from this squad or are they going to crawl back into their shell for another disheartening loss? Will Raymond and Hansen continue their tears? Will the Sedins show up? Perhaps a Bernier sighting? Maybe even Pyatt will suck a little bit less than before? Could Wellwood pass the popcorn? And perhaps our captain will stop giving up goals from the blueline? Call me nuts. Or an ass. Either way.

On the other end of the ice come Boston who is 3-1-2 on the road this year while the Canucks are a spiffy 2-0 at home. The Bruins shutout the Oilers in the OT last night and have to be just a bit tired, so no excuse for a weak first period from Vancouver. Boston has a great set of forwards but their defense looks suspect; if Vigneault can get the forecheck moving against a tired team, maybe a few quick goals can be had. Better yet, why not chase Thomas all together and get a crack at ol' buddy Fernandez in net? A guy can dream.

Fearless prediction: 3-0 Canucks (D Sedin, Kesler and Raymond). Go get it done guys.