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As Sean noted earlier and has up on their site now, the team is posing a riddle for the home game against the Oilers on Saturday:

Who else suffered rejection for an NHL franchise, but never quit?
Who else turned a symbol of tradition into a passionate tradition copied all across sports?
Who else survived the insults of the Flying "V", the Plate of Spaghetti and the Skate going down?
Who else turned a symbol of surrender into a passionate tradition copied all across sports?
October 25th, 2008 General Motors Place

So any ideas? My quick stabs in the dark are:

1. It's a variation of the movie Se7en customized for the Canucks, including a whole new crop of seven deadly sins: Jarome Iginla, Joe Sakic, Rob Niedermayer, Mark Messier, Dan Cloutier, the entire San Jose Shark roster throughout history and Pamela Anderson deep tonguing Fin.

2. The Oilers will figure out a way to throw out seven more bloggers from their section of the press box.

3. On a day where all 30 teams play, they'll be saluting the Vancouver fan base specifically and giving away free money, free puppies or possibly your own Tim Horton's store. And I'll be watching from afar getting drunk (ok, fine, that's a given no matter what they do).

Any other thoughts?