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Sabres 5 Canucks 2

- that's not the Curtis Sanford I saw in preseason
- why does this team continually shit the bed after a hard-fought victory over a tough opponent?
- where's the discipline? The Canucks buried themselves in the first period by taking way too many penalties.
- Shane O'Brien is a slow skater isn't he?
- Taylor Pyatt needs to be shown the door.
- Over 19:00 played by Demitra. A -1 and zero shots. At least Mason Raymond had 6 shots and through all this the 2nd line probably had its best game of the season....and that is not saying much. Not until they cash in.
- just gotta love Burrows-Kesler-Hansen. I wish we had 3 more lines like that sometimes.
- I know people like the more wide open style that Gillis demanded, but I miss the stingy system Vigneault had over the past couple of years. At least those games were close.