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Red Wings-Canucks game thread

Feel free to pop by during the game if you'd like. I'll cover this game period by period again.

-No Zetterberg tonight as he has a groin strain. Darren Helm will replace him. No Chelios or McCarty either.
-Says Hank Sedin:
"We had basically been on a high since the first preseason game. We started getting loose. We were too loose [Monday]. After that loss, everyone seems hungrier, refocused, re-energized. We aren’t as loose any more."
Definitely expect a better effort from the Nucks tonight. But the Wings will be tough, as they are trying to win their first game at the Joe this season.

Game Time: 4:30 PM PST
TV: Coast to coast on TSN.

PREDICTION: 5-3 Canucks

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