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OK, so maybe Demitra will grow on me.....

I have never been a Demitra fan. Maybe it's the look on his face or his fragility. But after last night's destruction of an unprepared Flames squad Demitra said something that raised my repect level.
"I think they can do more and I think we can do much more damage," said Demitra, who had a goal, and two assists. "Every game we're getting better and better. I love how those two guys play. Pyatt just keeps going to the net and Mason is just so fast. It was important that Mason got a goal, and I think that is going to build his confidence."
That reeks of leadership, doesn't it? I don't think that Swede we used to have said that sort of thing all that often. (Yeah, I'm still bitter but I'm getting over it now). Is Ryan Walter turning this team into a bunch of shrinks?
The Canucks had a revolving door for their 2nd line last season, and Vigneault recognizes what Demitra is doing.
"Pavol is doing a good job trying to establish an identity for that line," Vigneault said. "He has taken charge of those two players, without a doubt.

"The way Pavol dishes the puck, it might be a pretty effective line for us."
Hell yeah. And if he keeps the Burrows-Kesler-Hansen line in tact we will have 3 lines that can score. So once again, why all of the despair from a lot of the media?
Let's drop the puck on the regular season already. I can't wait to see what this group is going to do.
More on this and last night's slaughter from Jason Botchford.

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