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Motor City Mayhem

Pardon the absence, I'm still washing the puke and bile from my mouth after watching the Canucks be absolutely dominated by a team that used Fedorov on defense, couldn't score against a back-up in net and were held to shots in the single digits for 58 minutes. Gaaaaaaaaa.

As I stated in the comments of Monday's liveblog, if there is any silver lining to that loss, it's that shitting the bed against the Caps will hopefully get this team motivated to beat the reigning Stanley Cuppers. If Detroit pasted them, the excuse would have been "Well it's Detroit." Now, they have no excuses.

On the happy fluffy side, we have news on the Rypien DNA being quite a pissy one, Johnson (who was one of the only standout players on Monday) is leading by example and Kesler wants to stick it to the Wings in front of dad. Also Bieksa may be back for Sunday's game against the Blackhawks.

On the flip side, the Wings could be without Zetterberg because of a nagging groin injury so they may resort to some line juggling.

And, just for fun, is how Chelios wanted to kill Def Leppard for their flipping the Cup upside down on opening night. FINALLY, after all this time, Chelios does something I agree with. He gets my coveted gold star for the day.

All together, this team has to have a far better showing tonight then Monday. They can't have a fourth straight game with a lethargic start and assume their speed will win in the end. The Caps killed them with speed and skill and Detroit will be even better at that.

My recommendation? Sit both Wellwood and Pyatt. Between the two, sit Pyatt at least. I don't buy that Vigneault isn't concerned about his second line because he should. Three games in, the line has one goal, one assist and sports a spiffy +/- of -7. Get Hordichuk back in on the fourth line and give more ice time to Rypien to see what he can do with it.

Still early in the season and certainly no time for excuses. The guys are simply going to have to outwork a better team tonight. Get it done.

Go Canucks.