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Melrose calls Strachan a liar

CBC's analyst Al Strachan made a remark (and claimed he had sources) about Lightning owner Len Barrie coaching the players behind coach Barry Melrose's back. Well Melrose has a few choice words for Strachan.
"Al is sort of like a spaghetti salesman. He just throws so much against the wall and hopes something sticks and it usually doesn't stick," Melrose told the Tampa Tribune Monday. "It's B.S. and Al thrives on B.S. It's total lies."
If it is coming out of the locker-room, then I have some liars in the dressing room," Melrose said. "If that's the case then I am worried about that, but at the same time I can't worry about that. If a guy is a liar, he's a liar. I can't worry about that.
Canada used to be a country where you couldn't lie," Melrose told the St. Petersburg Times. "I was brought up in Saskatchewan, and if I lied, my father would kick my butt. But, obviously, that's not the case in Ontario, where you can say anything you want without repercussions. . . . I guess there's not much journalistic integrity anywhere in Canada."
Wow. Melrose going off on Canadians. He's just blowing off steam and speaking out of anger though. It sounds like he has ventured over to the dark side, which is the USA. (I kid)
He may just be right about Strachan though. I don't like him either.
Actually, I thought Mike Milbury, who was sitting next to Strachan was going to punch the old man out over a different topic (Alan Eagleson).

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