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Gillis still pursuing Sundin

Said Gillis recently:
"[JP Barry] indicated to us last week that he felt Mats was going to play," Gillis said. "I don't think that decision has ultimately been made. We made him aware that we're still here and he knows how much interest we have."
This isn't really news, unless you were thinking Gillis was maybe tired of waiting and ready to move on. The Canucks still have plenty of money in the bank (approximately just under $10 million), and I don't see Gillis taking a stab at Gaborik. If he does I'll kill him. :)
With a gaping hole at the #2 center spot (because I don't see Demitra getting that job done, nor do I see the Canucks keeping Wellwood around long-term), Sundin would still be a great addition to fill that slot.

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