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Vancouver needs to win today (and Edmonton is still a joke)

Sunday rant #1 - I have been flaky this weekend and not paying attention to much in the hockey world (chronicling not one but two disasters can tire a mere mortal) so I missed the ordeal over at Covered In Oil. I'd recommend you read his account since the details are not to be missed.

Having just had my first experience with a media pass (with the expressed acceptance of two organizations, Vancouver & Washington) it seems so incredibly ass backwards that a team would shut out a free, highly vocal grassroots venue like a blog much less one of the better ones out there. OFB, I think, nails the difference between those who get it and those who don't.

As I have some distance from Vancouver I don't know the rules with press passes and GM Place, but I know rolled out their Fanzone (with that smoking blond up in the corner...I heart you) which serves as another example of blogger acceptance. Hell they've got bloggers popping up on billboards and Dave at CiO can't update a blog while sitting in a "special" seat? Its times like this we should all get on our knees and thank organizations like Washington, Long Island and the rest who have figured out it's certainly not the worst thing to open the doors to those who spend their free time helping their product and not, instead, treating them like they just invaded Poland.

Sunday rant #2 - Vigneault must love getting a shot at the team who's coach just got wacked (funny, I thought Vigneault was in line for that prize?). The good news is Bieksa looks to be back tonight which can only help a team where their first line is average and their goaltending has gone south. On the backburner is that the Moose seem to be doing just fine with the crew of Canuck castaways and big props to Wellwood for owning up to his shortcomings.

For the third straight game though, the guys are going up against a team with more talent who they'll simply have to outwork if they want the two points. Not just outwork, but get their PP going and stay off the PK all at the same time. A tough task, but just as with Detroit earlier this week, they need to muck it out, lower the shoulder, pay the price, drive hard to that net and support their captain. Unleash the Burrows! The rest, as they say, will fall into place.