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Dallas Stars players confident they can win the Cup this season

Says Stars owner Tom Hicks:
"In the last month we’ve been hearing from [co-general managers] Les [Jackson] and Brett [Hull], and Brett kind of clearly says the players think they’re going to win it all this year. They have a lot of confidence, and that’s a great starting point. You go back 10 years, I think we had that feeling we were going to win it all that year. We’re not as experienced a team as that one was, so you have a lot of unknowns that creep into it. But we have an opportunity to be special."


In my opinion, I think these kinds of things are better left unsaid, even though I also am picking the Stars to win the Cup. Why put any extra pressure on certain players or give any other teams any form of motivation? All I'm hearing people say is Detroit will repeat. Why not leave it at that? Better to be the team that stays out of the limelight and upsets the Wings in the playoffs.
Just my opinion.

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