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Canucks riddle

According to a poster at CDC, Canucks PPV had a quick little segment up in riddle-form about something that is going to happen on Saturday night's home game against the Oilers. The riddle is as follows:

-Who else suffered rejection for an NHL franchise, but never quit?

-Who else survived the insults of the Flying "V", the Plate of Spaghetti and the Skate going down?

-Who else turned a symbol of surrender into a passionate tradition copied all across sports?

-October 25th, 2008 General Motors Place

- 7

Yes, it ended with a number 7. Any ideas? I was thinking that maybe the Canucks will retire jersey #7 in honor of Gary Lupul, but how could the first question in the riddle apply?
No one has figured it out yet on the forum. Let me or them know what you think.