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Jackets 4 Canucks 2: period by period


Luongo allows 2 goals on 7 shots and Columbus had an early 2-0 lead. He didn't have much of a chance on those however. But the mighty Kyle Wellwood scored on the power play shortly after. Wellwood looks pretty good. He's even playing defence!
Still though, this Canucks squad is not playing tight. They used to play the defensive style that Columbus has now. Watch and see the difference this game.

Shots after 1: Jackets 7 Canucks 5

Did Kesler just say the Canucks are working their bags off out there? Nice. Kesler wants more Canuck puck luck. I say he's on to something, but at the same time they have to cut back on their defensive breakdowns. The Song Remains the Same.
Period 2 should be good. I smell a comeback, even though the Jackets can trap.


Remember how I was talking about odd man rushes against and our defencemen getting caught up ice? Alright, here is a live tally of each of those in period 2.

Odd man rushes against: 2
Defencemen caught up ice: 1

OK, so those stats weren't too bad. A bad stat? Wellwood only played 1 shift that period. Your goal scorer gets no ice time! Yeesh. Way to reward him. There were no Canuck power plays in period 2. Columbus had 1 and the Canucks killed it off well.
Forget about Derik Brassard, how about Derrik Dorsett? He scores his first NHL goal off a rebound.
3-1 Jackets. The Canucks didn't generate much in the 2nd except for the Sedin chance.

Shots in period 2: Jackets 14 Canucks 8.
Not the shot generation a team that is trailing should be putting out. Looks like the Canucks just want to go home mostly. Wellwood doesn't. He wants to prove himself. AV! Give more icetime in the 3rd! Even if it is 5-on-5!


Oh look at that. Wellwood gets more playing time and makes a great pass to Bieksa pinching in who scores! I like it.
2 points for Wellwood. How many point does Demitra have in 5 games?

The 3rd turned into a goalie battle as both Luongo and Leclaire were making huge saves, with Leclaire having the edge. Leclaire stopped both Bernier and Ohlund masterfully to preserve the Jackets lead.
Leclaire then absolutely stones the Canucks on their power play minutes later. I think he read the Sedins-Bernier playbook because his save on Bernier was a read. At the same time, Bernier has to roof that chance.
Rick Nash gets the automatic empty net goal and this one is over.
A great effort by the Canucks in the 3rd, but this kind of game-elevation would have been better suited earlier in the contest.

Shots in the 3rd: 12-12
Overall: Jackets 33 Canucks 25

Anyone else notice how good Ryan Johnson played tonight?

Kyle Wellwood was the 2nd star of the game, and didn't get the proper amount of ice time towards the end of the game as the Sedins and Bernier double-shifted, with Kesler being the extra guy with Luongo pulled.