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Canucks-Flames preview: Take 2

After a complete dismantling by the Canucks on regular season opening night, expect the Flames to come out even harder in Calgary tonight. Mike Keenan probably personally whipped each player with his belt.
This new version of the Canucks has pretty much been in the driver's seat since the beginning of preseason. If the Flames can actually score the first goal and control their emotions the momentum may actually be theirs. More importantly, they are going to need Kipper to outplay Luongo, which seems a daunting task given the way the sloppy Fin has been playing lately. Their new acquisitions in Bertuzzi, Cammalleri, Bourque, are going to have to do better than no goals, minimal shots and -3 ratings. I didn't think Iginla was all that bad in game 1, but he didn't bury his chances either.
The Canucks are out to prove that they are the real deal. If they can win this game tonight, they should have everyone's attention, if they don't already.
I'm hoping for another 6-0 win. Is that likely? That would be a massive statement. The Canucks are playing with such brash desire right now. They can get scoring from all their lines, Luongo looks poised if not possessed and they stick up for eachother. Like Steve Bernier said about his tilt with Phaneuf after he hit a Sedin:
In my mind, it was a big hit in the middle against one of our best players and as a teammate, you don’t have a choice. You’ve got to defend your teammate and know if I get hit, somebody will defend me.
That's the kind of stuff that will make Bernier a hero and also the team successful.
Let's see if Line 2 can cash in tonight. How many fights will we see? It's going to be another rough and tough affair.
The Flames will get even tougher tonight, as Robyn Regehr will return to the lineup after missing game 1 because his wife was going into labor.

Prediction: 3-2 Canucks.

Time: 7:00 PM PST

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