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Canucks - Blackhawks preview

So today's game has a couple of interesting twists. The Canucks could win tonight because they are doing the win one-lose one-win one inconsistent thing. The Hawks lost in a shootout last night night and will be hard-pressed by new coach Joel Quenneville after a loss in the shootout last night. Patrick Kane scored 3 points in a losing cause.
This is a young and quick Hawks team. But they don't seem as big as our previous opponents. I bring this up because I think that if there was ever a chance for the Canucks' 2nd line of Raymond-Demitra-Pyatt to get it going it would be against a team like the Hawks.
The Canucks will have to shut down Sharp, Kane, Havlat and Campbell in order to be successful. Jonathan Toews has been quiet so far with only 2 assists. Or, we can outscore them, because you never know with this new Vancouver squad. They allow a lot more goals than last year. Chicago's scoring really falls off after those 4 guys.
The Canucks can roll with more offensive punch than Chicago, in my opinion.
So I got Vancouver winning this one 5-3.
Can the Canucks play more disciplined?
Will Bieksa make his return?
Anyone else not liking Luongo's stats? (3.21 GAA and a .895 save percentage)
Blame it on Gillis. He's the one that wanted more wide open hockey.

More game preview here.

Game Time: 4:00 PST
TV: Canucks PPV

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