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Canucks are 6-0 in preseason was streaming the game live but I was one of many who could not get the game to load up. Not sure what number of people were repeatedly trying to load the game at the same time, but obviously the site couldn't handle it, or some other error occured.
I hear our top line did well. Both Sedins and Bernier scored.

-Pictures of the game from Yahoo.

-Game story from Yahoo

-Check out the boxscore of the game. It looks as though Kevin Bieksa is ready for massive playing time and a considerate increase in points this season...if nobody skates over his leg. He played over 27:00, was a +1 and had 2 assists. This is just another great story coming out of Vancouver these days.
Terrific preseason, but I won't jump up and down about it. Vancouver needs to get it done in the regular season, and I have this feeling they will.

-Highlights from TSN.

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