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Bison Burgers Anyone? (Drinky Blog!)

Post Game = Yikes. That sucked.

This team's Jekyll and Hyde act is disturbing. In less than a week they have (a) come from behind in a great win against Calgary, (b) rolled over and played dead in front of the Capitals, (c) outworked the Stanley Cup champs on their ice and (d) shat themselves in the first 40 minutes to lose to Buffalo. Tonight's game (more so then the others) seemed to scream how badly this team needs another top six guy. Or (do I have to say it?) a new coach. Fine, that's a bit premature but this lack of consistency is troublesome and while Luongo wasn't in net tonight I suspect he would have been in deep shit too looking at the team that was out there tonight. Buffalo dominated most of this game and Vancouver looked slow and sloppy in response. Making matters worse, they've started another poor trend of taking bad penalties.

I suppose we can chalk this up still to a new team getting to know one another on the first long road trip of the year when their captain wasn't in net...but that's a lot of excuses right there. Before we me crucify them any further let's see what some rest and getting Luongo back in there does for the team in Chicago on Sunday.

In the meantime, with Wellwood likely heading towards Manitoba, maybe it's time to call one of the young guys up? I see Ouellet has three points in two games, maybe start there.

//// Over ////

- Maybe Tampa was on to something when they pitched O'Brien away because Vanek just embarrassed him which lead to Kotalik's goal to make this game even more pathetic then it was five seconds ago. There isn't enough beer in the world....5-2 Sabres.

- Vancouver finally maintains some pressure in the Buffalo zone but, honestly, when Mitchell is taking slap shots how great is that pressure to begin with? A late goal and pull the goalie is the best scenario with the remaining time.

- Jeebus...Burrows get two for interference and a misconduct for slamming the door. The poor door. In other news, fuck Kaleta.

- I was about to write something akin to "The Canucks are really owning this period" until Johnson drills (who else?) the bitch Kaleta. At least the bitch gets a diving call so it's four on four. Unleash the Raymond!

- Bernier found about three inches worth of space between Miller and the post and the Canucks give Buffalo their first two GAA game of the year. That's right bitches, feel the sting. 4-2 Sabres.

- The third period starts. Rob Ray has a very square head. I mean...the third period starts.

//// Period 3 ////

- Holy hell Hansen missed an open net on a great play by Burrows. It's pathetic how much this team needs another top six guy. Twenty more minutes of face-slamming fun straight ahead.

- Demitra drives one off the bar leading us all to remember that Demitra is on the Canucks this season. Also someone needs to tell Jeanneret or Neale that the name is "Kesler" not "Kezler". Come on, it's not even Scandinavian I know you can do it.

- Buffalo takes a tripping call so Vancouver gets another chance to let the Province down with the extra man for 120 seconds.

- Vancouver is sooooooooooooooo slow in comparison to the darting Sabres.

- Vanek scores while on the doorstep. That's the second goal where Mitchell has failed to put the guy chopping at his goalie flat on his ass. This game's over and it's only half over. 4-1 Sabres.

- Breaking news: Kaleta is still a bitch. He's like a less effective Matt Cooke.

- Holy hell the Vancouver power play is ugly. Just as ugly as it can get. They're better off at even strength. Also good to see both ex-Sabres Pyatt and Bernier haven't made their presence felt out there yet. More beer.

- Mair heads to the box presenting the good guys with a great chance to try and get to 27th in the league on the PP. Ugh.

- Sanford makes up for the third goal by stoning Vanek on a breakaway and then another stop on Roy. Looked like the captain there. Well done Mr. Mask.

- Leave it the third line again. Kesler roofs a quick shot over Miller and, like it was asked, the Canucks have a pulse. 3-1. Sabres.

- Sanford stays in net for the second period. 8 different Sabres have a point. Do we blame the goalie or another shit start? Who cares, let's hope we see a pulse wrapped in a Vancouver jersey this period.

//// Period 2 ////

- First period ends. Pathetic. I recognize they're tired from last night but some semblance of a NHL hockey team from the city of Vancouver on the ice next period would be keen.

- The Sedins make Roy chase them around and draw a hooking call. Sadly for us Buffalo has yet to give up a PP goal this year and the Canucks are 28th in the league on the man advantage. So...yeah...

- It's going to take nothing short of a perfect second period to fix this game.

- Just kidding, this is a worst start then Monday. Sanford flubbed an easy shot by Mair and Harry Neale starts playing with himself in the TV booth. I heard children sobbing in the background. 3-0 Sabres.

- At this rate the Sabres are going to have 50 shots on what'll be left of Sanford. Canucks spent six of the first ten minutes in the box. For fucks sake, is it possible for this team to not start every game horribly?

- MacArthur scores on the doorstep. The Sabres are very Caps like at the moment. Yes, that's no good at all. 2-0 Sabres.

- Yup four minutes to O'Brien for defending Demitra. Sigh. Still Kaleta is a bitch.

- Well, the PK and Sanford looked good...but now O'Brien, feeling quite frisky, started wailing away on Kaleta who didn't even bother fighting back and just dropped to the ice. Bitch...though a clever bitch because I'm sure the Sabres are going back to the power play. Sigh. I like beer.

- I have a bad feeling it's Monday all over again. Sabres appear to be faster, the Canucks are on their heels again and Taylor Invisible goes to the box for hooking.

- When God said "Let there be light" Darcy Hordichuk said "Say Please." Great fight between him and Peters.

- The Wellwoodless era begins on a sloppy note as Mitchell fires the puck out and that'll cost him two minutes in the happy box. And two seconds later Spacek scores right on the door step. Well, can we put Lui back in now? 1-0 Sabres.

//// Period 1 ////

Shameless Self Promotion Plug: Another first hand account of Monday's liveblog can be found on and more media of the evening's damage can be found on Flickr and YouTube.


4:505 PM ET Update: Hey remember what I said about "who better then Luongo" to stop the Sabres tonight? Well scratch that since Sanford gets his first regular season nod of the year.


1:35 PM ET Update (h/t C&B): Please read the third paragraph from the bottom here. Or just click this. If it's true, he lasted just a bit more then Kyle Beech for christ sakes. And thus ends a laughable chapter in the short saga of Mike Gillis general management. But, hey, at least he owned up to it.


We pleaded with the Canucks to simply outwork the champs last night and they did. Somewhat similar to Saturday's game against Calgary, the Canucks pounced on the opposition's mistakes and made them pay. It truly says something about how different this team is this year when the blue collar muckers like Burrows, Rypien and Hansen are getting the job done, especially in the clutch OT frame.

Game recaps are here and here. Despite my incessant bitching, the second line showed itself last night and Mason Raymond is one happy baby Gaborik. Not only did Hansen get his first NHL goal but new guy O'Brien got his first point as a Canuck. Overall there's something as beautiful as a new born puppy that the Canucks help keep the champs winless at home and their coach incensed. Golf clap!

Onwards and upwards. Tonight the Canucks get almost an equally staunch challenge in the Sabres, another team the pundits wrote off in the preseason but have begin turning heads with their stellar play thus far. On top of their emerging offense is the fact they are undefeated due greatly to having let up only three goals this year, one per game. We appreciate the fact they stopped the NazRags earlier this week but someone has to stop them and who better then Luongo and Burrows?

I know, you may be asking "why Burrows of everyone?" Because he, along with Rypien and Kesler, I feel are truly leading this team. As we saw last night (and through Monday's painful lesson) the Canucks aren't going to overmatch anyone on talent but they damn well can best other teams in grit, in the corners on the forecheck and capitalizing on mistakes. No one is better at that, so far, than Kesler and Burrows. When the third line is helping offset a slow start for the Demitra line and take pressure off the Sedin line (who clearly is still learning to play with Bernier) then it's a good thing. The defense is holding up with Bieksa who still may be back Sunday.

Check back at gametime and we'll get good and salty commentary going your way.