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Bieksa to undergo MRI today

Bieksa didn't have to cross over to nail Wayne Primeau last night but he did. Salo was right there to take the Flames checker. But that's what kind of game it was.
I watch every Canucks game with a bit of anxiety these days. Whenever one of our defencemen hits someone or takes a hit (like Phaneuf sending Edler flying) I cringe. I don't want the same problem with injured defencemen as last year. It was our biggest Achille's heel.
So when Bieksa went down last night, there was plenty of reasons to be concerned. We need these guys to play all year. Bieksa is looking poised to repeat the year he had before last season. He logs towards 30:00 per game. We NEED this guy.
We'll see what length of time he misses.
"It's tough to say, it's just a bit sore with some swelling," Bieksa said. "We'll find out tomorrow, I guess. We'll have a few more tests and we'll find out for sure."
Sounds positive, right?
Stay tuned.

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