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Avery bashes Don Cherry on The Hour

I guess the verbal war will continue between the 2 loud mouths. Last year Cherry called Avery a jerk and that he needed to be straightened out in regards to the pre-game comments Avery had for Leafs' Darcy Tucker and Jason Blake. It didn't take much for George Stroumboulopoulus to get Avery ticking.
"He's a staple as far as Canadian hockey goes," Avery said during interview on the CBC's The Hour. "And I grew up watching Coach's Corner, and he serves a purpose.

"But he really does not know shit about hockey.

"He knows, like, unnecessary facts about putting Sears catalogues on your shin pads."

"He says a lot of things," continued Avery. "He calls people by their wrong names. And it's just, like, enough of this guy."
There's more. Head over to Globe Sports to check it out. Tip to Kukla's.

All you can do is just sit back and enjoy the ride with these 2 guys. Their combined IQ barely surpasses that of a chicken with Cherry having the edge perhaps. Some people like to flap their gums for attention and these guys fit the bill. You know how these types of personalities gel at a party, right? It's like one dog pissing on another's turf.
I know that both Cherry and Avery stereotype and generalize frequently because they don't think too much before they speak. But I'll be honest with you, I don't mind either guy. They serve their purposes.

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