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Yahoo account hacked **UPDATE**

Just to give you the heads up, my email account, has been hacked.
If you get any emails from "me" from that account please delete the message.
I can be reached at for now.
The Waiting For Stanley Yahoo Pool is registered under that hacked account, so I don't think I'll be participating in that pool. Maybe you should skip it as well if you signed up for it.
I'll keep you posted on this.

Sean Z


The hack was only onto that account. The reason why the hacker got into there was because I received an email from "yahoo" last week saying that they had too many inactive accounts in their database and were looking at deleting some accounts, including my zanstorm13 account. I foolishly provided them with the sign in info (because it was inquired about) and told them that my account was very active. Of course, "they" was just some fucking dipshit that tricked me. Never again.
The account is back under my control as I have changed the password. So, the WFS Yahoo Pool is still on!
A big thanks to Mr. Eakins from Ghosts of the Garden for guiding me through some steps.

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