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Will Cody Hodgson crack the Canucks' lineup?

Well he sure has impressed at the Prospects tournament, including a 3 point night against the Oilers prospects yesterday.
In my opinion, Hodgson and even Michael Grabner may not make the Canucks' roster when the regular season starts. Why? Because the Canucks' roster is pretty much set at this time.

Hordichuk-Johnson-Pettinger (or Jason Krog- not sure how they are squeezing him in).

There is absolutely no need to rush Hodgson into the NHL with a roster like that. Grabner has impressed at the Tournament also. But where does he fit in?
Wellwood was not acquired to play in the minors. He will be given his fair shot, unless he absolutely fouls up his conditioning before October.
But given the injury track records of both Demitra and Wellwood, THAT is where Hodgson and Grabner could fit in. If Demitra and Wellwood both play over 75 games each, you can pick something and I'll eat it.
The other possibility, or opportunity comes if Gillis trades away any of the players on the "set" lines, and believe me, that is a great possibility if the Canucks stink up the first 15 games or maybe even before that.
All that being said, and as a side note, how many of you are still on the Pyatt bandwagon? To me, he seems to be on his way out unless he steps it up and scores more goals, and quick. I think that is where Grabner would come into play.
Anything can happen. Until then however, I think the Canucks' lines are set in my opinion.
I can't wait to see what these newbs do in preseason regardless. That will be their time.

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