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What is available out there via trade route for a top 6 forward?

I found it ironic that Mike Gillis traded Ryan Shannon so quickly after the Sundin radio interview. It's also a possible tell that Gillis acquired Nycholat to further increase the Canucks depth on D in order to pull off a trade for a top 6 forward. We know that this is one of his options. Like Gillis said: "
We are going to be in search of the best players we can find but unless you have depth, it is awfully difficult to make that sort of transaction," Gillis said. "You just don't have depth players to fill in."
I believe this was said after the Shannon trade. And he was referring to depth on defence.
So it's probably fair to say that Gillis is giving up on Sundin for now and concentrating on what he can do now to make sure the team is ready. To that I say...great!
With Shannon (a center) being moved, that is also a sign then that our top 3 centers are set: Hank Sedin, Kyle Wellwood and Ryan Kesler. So Gillis may look for a player to play the wing on the Wellwood-Demitra line. At one point, I thought Mason Raymond was that guy. If he isn't, then you'd have to assume he's on line 3 with Kesler and Burrows. Well, that puts Taylor Pyatt on line 4. So you can start to see that a possible trade involving a Canucks defenceman and maybe even Taylor Pyatt could happen.
That being said, here are a list of teams that are currently over the cap (according to NHL Numbers) and perhaps the players we could attain.
Keep in mind that the NHL cap is $56.7 million this season.

Anaheim-($58.13 million)- Will probably only need to move Schneider to make room for Selanne. We don't want Schneider.

-Calgary (sitting at $58.18 million)- I don't know who they'd offer up and who we would give them in return for them to free up enough space. They already have a stacked defence. I've always been a fan of Matt Lombardi though. I think the Flames need to buy out Anders Eriksson's $1.5 million contract.

- Chicago ($59.21 million)- It's just a matter of time when Khabibulin gets traded and that's about all they have to do.

- Philadelphia ($61.22 million)- Geez, that $8 million invested in Kimmo Timmonen smarts. I don't see the Flyers parting with Jeff Carter, or Scott Hartnell. Maybe Mike Knuble, who becomes a UFA next summer is an option. I think he'd suit the Canucks. He can snipe. That would only relieve the Flyers of $2.8 million in salary though. Any word on Mike Rathje? He's injury prone and eating up $3.5 million cap space.

- San Jose ($56.9 million)- so close to being under. How about we trade Taylor Pyatt for Ryan Clowe straight across?

- Tampa Bay ($54.145 million)- All those players signed and still under the cap. But take a look at their forwards? This team is run by offence whores. I see about 17 forwards there that can play in the NHL. Hey, we'll take one off of your hands! Vancouver is defence-heavy while Tampa is offence-heavy. This should make them a favorite as a trading partner. How about we give Tampa Kevin Bieksa and a 2nd round pick for Mark Recchi and Michel Ouellet?

Restricted Free Agents to possibly take a stab at:

-Patrick O'Sullivan. It doesn't matter what he's asking for. He has potential to be even better and we're rich.

UFA's left over:

- zip. Anybody want Gelinas back? I'm tempted. How about Curtis Brown? Nah.

For the a list of remaining free agents check this out... and weep.

Hey, I'm just brainstorming here. Anybody have any other ideas? Agreements? Disagreements?
If any of the above info is wrong in any form, let me know so I can correct it.

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