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Waiting For Stanley Hockey Pool

D-lee at Red and Black Hockey has set up a Yahoo Sports Fantasy hockey pool, which I joined, and now I've set one up as well.
It can be found here.


Go to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Hockey home....(you need a Yahoo account first)
-click "Sign Up Now"
-Then click "Join League"
-then click "Join Custom"
-you will enter a screen that asks for the League ID and password which I have provided below:

League ID: 14033
Password: 2008


-I have 15 spots available, so the draft should get into over 300 players deep. That's more time to get drunk, right?

- It is a points pool, not a rotisserie or head-to-head pool format. I'm keeping this simple.

- Speaking of simple: 1 point for a goal, 1 point for an assist for skaters. Goalies get 2 points for a win and 1 for a shutout. That should put someone like Nabokov in the 100 point range.

-No trading amongst eachother because I don't want the hassle of dealing with bunk trade offers. There will be no maximum player drops. And no waiver rule either. Like I said, I'm keeping this shit simple.

What should the winner get..... bragging rights? How about $100 to the winner's charity of choice? That's what it will be.

The live draft will take place on Sunday September 28 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time.
Damn, I love live drafts! Just talking about it gets me excited that hockey is about to begin again!

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