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Vigneault trying to find balance

Alain Vigneault knows he has to get more scoring this season. He has either figured out on his own, or been told to coach a more wide open style. From The Province today:
"This season it is my intention and the intention of our entire coaching staff to find a strong balance between offence, defence and grit or toughness," Vigneault said via e-mail, his day ravaged by a trip to the dentist. "If we can find that balance it should enhance our scoring chances and allow us to be more successful."
This to-be intention was evident when Mike Gillis brought Pavol Demitra here. Especially when Demitra was beaking off about be happy to be out of Minnesota's tight defensive system. Even more pressure mounted on AV when Naslund had mentioned he didn't like Vigneault's style while he was on his way out.
So. for all of you fans who thought the Canucks' play was "boring" over the past couple of years, you are getting your wish. Just don't complain when you see defensive lapses or odd-man rushes against Vancouver leading to more goals against.
Hopefully Vigneault can muster up a healthy recipe without losing the taste. Any team failure will no doubt result in an early firing for the poor guy.
Like I said before, he won the Jack Adams Trophy two seasons ago. Now all of a sudden his style needs to be changed? Huh.

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