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Thoughts on Canucks winning AGAIN against the Oilers

I don't have many thoughts actually. It's preseason. I just can't read too much into it.
Yes I wish the Bernier-Hodgson-Demitra line could have gotten on the scoresheet.
Yes I think Demitra was floating.
es I am going to develop a man-crush on Steve Bernier this season (I kid. But the kid is good).
I liked the 2 wins we got over the Coilers for bragging rights.
I liked the play of Luongo and especially Sanford.
Hordichuk is the next Gino Odjick, right?
Ryan Johnson is a great fit. He's already clicking with Burrows and Hordichuk. Perfect. The CDC guys think Vigneault should stick with that line. Perhaps. They also think Kesler could be the 2nd line center. Absolutely.
But it's only preseason.
Below is the boxscore from last night's game. Look at all the ice time Demitra got. I didn't know there was enough helium out there for him to float that long.

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