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Tanguay asked to be traded out of Calgary twice last season

From the Calgary Sun:
"I'm really looking forward to training camp", he said. "This is the most mythical hockey team. I feel like a baseball player just traded to the Yankees.
Twice last season I asked the Flames to trade me, and Montreal was on my wish list both times," he said, vowing to carve a permanent niche for himself in his home province. "I'm 28, and this is my ninth NHL season".
Tanguay, who only recorded 58 points last season, found himself on a "defensive" line with Craig Conroy and Owen Nolan, which ticked him off.
"I thought they traded for me from Colorado because I could generate offence."
So Tanguay was less-than impressed with Keenan and then agreed to waive his no trade clause to go to his dream team.
Like a said before, it's a francophone playing in Montreal, where he'll play his heart out. This will only benefit the Habs, who shed themselves of dead weight Michael Ryder and add an enthused Tanguay. Now if Carey Price proves Bob Gainey right this year (for trading Huet last season and making Price #1), then the Canadiens should win the East.

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