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Sundin on Leafs Lunch 640 AM this morning: No decision coming

From Kukla's:
He is not at the point to make a decision on his NHL career. He had hoped during the summer he would get a clearer picture, but stated he is not there yet.
Probably will not make a decision by the time training camps open. Does not have a time line for his decision.

And to add to the typical statements that we have been hearing all summer: he has not even looked at team offers because he wants to make a decision if he wants to play first.
Well, that takes the fun out of what could have been this week, as Sundin will be playing in a charity golf game in a few days. Sure, the media is going to harass him regardless of what he said on Leafs Lunch. But all we'll hear is the same old same old.
Looks like Gillis' Plan B is now officially in effect: younger players are going to get their chances to step in. Either that, or a team that is financially strapped or unloading because of a lousy start is going to entertain trade options (Plan C).

Audio of Sundin's appearance on AM 640 can be found here.

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