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The Sundin media frenzy is way out to lunch now

JP Barry on Friday after Sundin met with Cliff Fletcher and no progress was made:
"I think the decision-making process is down to Toronto and another team because that's the way he's always felt."
There were a lot of people that read into that statement that Sundin was down to choosing between TWO teams, and was going to meet with the Canadiens on Saturday. Well that is reading the statement in one of 2 ways. I didn't bite because Sundin has said all along that he will not even consider offers until he considers returning to the NHL.
So, Barry had to clarify his statement today.
"He hasn't narrowed it down at all," J.P. Barry, Sundin's Calgary-based agent, told The Vancouver Sun Friday. "He's still trying to decide whether or not he's going to play and he won't comment to me, or anybody else, about teams until he does that.
"I mean, if he has narrowed it down to two, that would be big news. At this stage, I would practically put out a press release if he's narrowed it down to two teams."
Right. Exactly. End of fucking story. Mats is back in Sweden, sipping on shitty beer and playing golf while the media creates lies or misinterprets stories. If anybody has been following this story closely, what Barry is saying is painfully and obviously true.
Time to move on. Sundin is not making a decision for several months.

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