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Sundin has met with the Leafs and will meet with Montreal before Monday **UPDATE**

From TSN:
Sources tell TSN Mats Sundin and his representatives JP Barry and Claes Elefalk met with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher Friday morning. Joe Nieuwendyk, recently hired as Fletcher's assistant was also involved in the discussions.

Sources say Fletcher outlined his plan for the team this season and assured Sundin that Toronto will keep the door open for the 37-year-old captain in the event he decides to resume his career.

"It was a very relaxed meeting," said Barry on AM640 Radio in Toronto. "It was a chance to reconnect since Mats was in town and talk about the changes on the Maple Leafs and make sure Mats was aware of everything that was going on with the team."

Sources say Sundin is also expected to meet, or speak with the Montreal Canadiens before returning to Europe on Monday.

"Whatever happens to me, whether I'm not going to play tomorrow or whatever, I know Toronto's always the team in my heart," Sundin said Thursday. "When I retire, whenever that happens, that's not going to change."
So, if Fletcher's Leafs have any success this season (and that's a stretch) and are in the hunt for a playoff spot, you can bet Sundin will return to Toronto. But that is unlikely. The fact that he is meeting with the Canadiens' brass before Monday may be a matter of convenience because Montreal isn't that far away.
I just wonder:
-is Mike Gillis anywhere near Toronto? He is going to be patient and leave the door open for Sundin
-is this TSN not mentioning or having sources knowing/telling them that Sundin is/has met with Gillis or any other interested teams' GM's in the time he spends here?
-I'm sure the Bruins were the team in Ray Bourque's heart when he was dealt to the Avalanche for a chance to win a Cup in Colorado.

Who knows for sure. There's no point in taking that report literally that Sundin will only play for Montreal of Toronto or retire.

Monday, he'll return to Sweden and do nothing but run, work out, fish, play poker and golf. Until there is word out of Sweden that he has begun preparation skating, then there's no point in getting any hopes up at this point.

**UPDATE** Sundin has had the talks with Leafs brass and has stated that
"It was a nice meeting but what was said wasn't anything that hasn't been said before."
He will no doubt say the same thing after he meets with Montreal and then go back home to ponder his future.

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