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Shannon swapped for guy with unpronounceable name

From the horse's mouth:

Nycholat, 29, joins the Canucks after playing the 2007-08 season in the Ottawa Senators system with both the Ottawa Senators and the AHL Binghamton Senators. Through 77 games played with Binghamton, Nycholat tallied 12 goals, 37 assists and 74 penalty minutes. Prior to joining the Senators, Nycholat played in 18 games with the Washington Capitals where he collected 2 goals, 6 assists and 12 penalty minutes.

Clearly not much to go on, but has a bit more on him:
ASSETS: Moves the puck crisply out of the defensive zone. Has offensive ability. Plays a solid team game.
FLAWS: Is undersized for the NHL level and lacks the defensive acumen to play a regular shift in the big league.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Reserve defenseman.

One would think the Sens would want to hang on to reserve d-men considering the Meszaros trade, but maybe there's something more in store on their end. They don't look that deep at center and he may be able to find a home in their bottom six. Go give Sherry a look to see what the deal looks like from Ottawa's end.

For Vancouver, Nycholat jumps to the back of the line with Davison and Baumgartner (Fitzgerald and McIver too) making him very Mike Weaver-ish. As this team learned last year, a healthy defense is a good thing when defense is all you really have. I suppose that this could be a precursor to something else on Gillis's radar, but why let the mind go there only to be disappointed again?

While Shannon is definitely talented, the knock was that he was another smallish center and, moreover, one that was about to going up against Wellwood, Krog, Cullen with Hodgson and White in training camp.

Ho hum.

In other news, the Canucks will honor Luc Bourdon prior to the start of their first game. They'll also have "an element added to each player's helmet...for all 41 regular season home games in 2008-09." I'd guess a puck, stick or guitar would be the potential elements with my preference being the latter as it's more original and a nicer gesture to his family.