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One Ranger fan already getting a dose of Naslund reality

From the Rangers Review:
Despite picking up the first goal for the Rangers, Markus Naslund has continued his hyper unselfish play to the detriment of the team. Look Markus, I get it, believe me, I do. You are a new player coming to a new team with some good players, you don’t want to appear as a selfish "me first" player. However your continual overpassing is getting to the point where it is a detriment to us out there. You were brought in here for 2 simple reasons. 1, you have the speed to keep up with this new attack game we are implementing, and 2, you have a wicked wrist shot. For f***s sake USE IT!!!
I had to laugh. Hey! Wait until he repeatedly takes shots from the circle and misses. You're going to love that trick too! Oh, and don't forget the lame post-game interviews.

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