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A message from Vigneault for the Canucks nay-sayers

The media approached coach Vigneault yesterday and presented to him the Canucks' "weakness" going into this season (as if AV didn't know this already.) However AV stated something that I completely agree with and is a reason for Canucks fans to be a little more optimistic:
"Your reasoning is good," Vigneault said of the assessment. "I do think, if you analyze what's proven, we're almost in the same position as we were.

"[But] this year we have two things we didn't have my first two years: we have kids like Mason Raymond, Jannik Hansen, Kyle Wellwood - guys like that are going to get an opportunity. In the past, we didn't have that young talent that was right there at the door knocking. And we have something we haven't had since I've been here: We've got cap room. We've got 10 million bucks right now.

"Before, we were always right at the cap, no more money to spend. In the past, if something came up - and it probably did come up - we couldn't do it because we had no money. Now we we're going to be able to do something. It might be a month, it might be two months. I don't know."
Amen. We are in better shape this year than last year. The pundits that put us near the bottom of the NHL this season be damned!

More from Canucks training camp here, including why Bernier is not playing with the Sedins yet.

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