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Meet your Canucks Blogger: Rinslet

We got chicks dude! Just kidding. Some of the stronger writers out there in the Canuck-land happen to be of the female persuasion and today you get to hear the words of Rinslet, a Canuck blogger since 2006. A member of the ever-growing Hockey's Ladies of Greatness empire, Rinslet moved to Vancouver in 2000 (just in time to watch them shed the suck of the Messier era) and now has an "unhealthy obsession" with anything from Mitchell's smile to the young burgeoning defensive core of the time (like Edler in the site graphic perhaps?). She can be counted on to give the team a good verbal lashing every time they fail, so naturally who better to ask and see how the Canuck offseason felt, right? Enjoy.


Q1. Vigneault - thumbs up, thumbs down or a strong kick in the ass?
Rinslet: Thumbs mostly down, but I can understand most of his decisions, it just doesn't mean I have to like it. What I hated the most was the line juggling which I think contributed to why our offense was spotty.

Q2. Naslund - We'll miss him badly or he can break a leg on Broadway?
Rinslet: I will miss him badly. A huge chunk of me also believes the Canucks will miss his offense, even though the rest of the fanbase thought it was sparse.

Q3. Gillis - Better then Nonis or worse then a meth addict?
Hmmm. It is a tough question, but they are pretty much the same just based on the off-season activity. Both of them has signed project players, both seem to care about player development...

Q4. The new captain - Mitchell, Kesler, Ohlund, Fin or a stick with a mini jersey?
Rinslet: Willie! :P Do I need a reason why? I mean, the fact that it is Willie is reason enough... isn't it?

But a couple of reasons why I think he will make a good captain is that he seems like he gets along well with everyone in the room, he's charismatic; on the ice he shows that tenacity and passion in his craft, and even if he won't "score" the big goal, he will probably be the one helping stop the tying goal.

Q5. Your preferred first line on opening night (go nuts and make it up if you gotta)
Rinslet: Heatley - Lecavalier - Iginla


... you said go nuts? XD!??? (This is actually me going nuts because I WILL NEVER FULLY WANT IGINLA ON MY TEAM EXCEPT WHEN YOU ADD "HESITANTLY/RELUCTANTLY/GRUDGINGLY" BETWEEN "I" and "WANT"............)

Okay.... :P From the Canucks...


Q6. The '08-'09 record - Out of the NW basement or "With the first round pick, the Vancouver Canucks select from the Oshawa Generals John Tavares"
Rinslet: With the first round pick, the Vancouver Canucks select, from MODO Hockey, Victor Hedman.


Unless "Out of the NW basement" means "Stanley Cup".

Q7. Least favorite team to watch play against Vancouver and why
Rinslet: That's a tough one... My least favorite team are the Flames, but I love watching them play against Vancouver, win or lose, since they're all exciting... Minnesota/Vancouver games has been exciting lately.... and even when they were boring I don't hate watching them play against Vancouver.

I don't know, probably Phoenix? Just because I don't really like anyone from their team and although I'm neutral with them... :P It's just not as exciting?

There's also LA Kings and Ottawa Senators. I love both teams, so I hate watching them play against the Canucks because... I know there's a part of me that wants them to win...

Q8. The absolute best part of next season could be
Rinslet: The stretch drive to the playoffs and beating the Leafs twice. :D

Q9. The absolute worst part about next season could be
Rinslet: The "non-existent" stretch drive to the playoffs...and losing to the Leafs...twice.

Q10. Best TV or movie quote you can think of to describe this offseason so far?
Rinslet: I've been watching and re-watching my Transformers (2007) DVD lately, so uhmmm... XDD

[NONIS gets fired] Mikaela: Oh my God, we're gonna die! We're gonna die!
[GILLIS gets hired] Sam Witwicky: No we're not! Trust me, he's a kickass driver!
[FREE AGENCY COMES ALONG] [Sam sees that Bumblebee is headed towards a wall]
Sam Witwicky: [screaming in a high pitched voice] Oh my God, no! We're gonna die!


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