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Bingo Bango You Confused Us All

Son of a bitch. Roberto Luongo as captain? My immediate thoughts are he won't leave the crease to argue calls because that'll just fuck him over anyway. What strategy!

Obviously it's an interesting pick to go with the goalie as captain. As shown by you good people in our poll, Willie Mitchell seemed to be the slam dunk conventional choice as captain but, obviously, conventional isn't something the Canucks really do that well or have any interest in. Rather, Ryan Kesler, Mattias Ohlund and Willie Mitchell will wear the A's.

Since the goalie can't wear the C (check page 7 here) and I can't hear the stream I imagine that Luongo is the official unofficial captain. Kes, Ohlund and Willie will rotate the responsibilities on-ice?

I would have thought Luongo's level of leadership was implied already. Good to see they're not putting enough pressure on the guy.

On the plus side I will guess this is also a move to help show Luongo isn't going anywhere or management's faith in him extending past his contract year next season. Clearly I'm projecting/praying for that.

But, hey, if you need someone who is going to lead by example and play with passion 60 minutes a night, they picked the very personification of it.

And as official corporate whore of his record book, I welcome our new captain warlord and look forward to his bloodthirsty rule. Remember, the quickest way to a man's heart is through Roberto Luongo's fist. Or so I've heard.

Miss604 and Alanah are also on the case. Joe Pelletier also has more on the history of goaltenders as captains.