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Luc Bourdon to be honoured at Canucks' home opener October 9

Fans will be given a Bourdon commemorative pin when they walk through the doors at GM Place, plus there will be a video tribute and moment of silence for Luc prior to the puck being dropped. It will be an emotional night no doubt.
I had erased the loss of Luc since the incident happened, but now writing this- it really is upsetting how we lost a player with such potential that was just coming into fruition, and a great person.
My thoughts and best wishes go out to the Bourdon family as they continue the mourning and moving-on process. The Canucks' home opener will only bring back the pain to the family and the fans and players as well. Yes it will be an emotional night, won't it?
As Alanah points out, the players will be sporting some kind of "element" on their helmuts this season in Luc's memory as well.

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