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It's hockey! Sort of. (Prospects Camp Open Thread)

9/17, 9:04 PM ET: The Canucks have sent Mario Bliznak and Patrick Coulombe (awwww, c'mon!) back to Manitoba. Morgan Clark & Prab Rai have been sent back to the junior clubs.
Released from the Canucks camp but attending the Moose camp will be Jordie Benn, Oren Eizenman, Julien Ellis, Scott Howes and Travis Ramsey.

Shawn Boutin, Tyler Matheson, Tom May, Kyle Neuber and Jordan Skellet have been released.

So, in other words, Pierre-Cedric Labrie, Michael Grabner, Cody Hodgson, Dan Gendur, Cory Schneider, Daniel Rahimi and Yann Sauve (amongst others) get to practice with the big boys.


9/17, 10:18 AM ET: The prospects showed up last night, notching a 5-2 win over the baby Oil. Schneider, from all accounts, was a man among boys, stopping a penalty shot and finishing up with 27 saves. Grabner sat but Hodgson still made his prime time push with another strong game with one goal and two helpers. Kyle Neuber absolutely destroyed Hans Benson, six years his elder, in a first period scrum.

Grabner and Hodgson certainly made their statement throughout camp but I'm not sure the same can be said for some others. I'm sure Sauve, Rahim, Simekand some others may get a chance to show their stuff next week, but who knows what Vigneault has cooking in his mind.

More importantly, the kids did alright and paved the way for the veteran roll call that starts this Friday before training camp officially kicks off in Whistler this weekend.

A mere 48 hours separates you from the return of Vancouver hockey. Feels good, don't it?


9/16, 9:56 AM ET: I missed the game last night but it sounds like Grabner, Hodgson and Gendur played on the top line last night. The Province heaped praise on both Grabner and Hodgson.

As far as the game went, the Canucks mounted a spirited second period comeback. Grabner potted in two, Eizenman added one and it sounds like Rahimi (who lost a fight) and Sauve (Vigneault was pleased) both had decent efforts.

Ellis, unfortunately, left the game injured and said he head "a snap" near his ankle.


9/15, 3:19 ET: Definitely sounds like the kids will be watchable online tonight, taking on the filthy little Calgary prospect pukes. I find it healthy that even at the prospects level I can't stand Calgary. Anyway, video goodness awaits you here.


Grabner is working hard, Rai has to 'learn grit' (oh christ), Eizenman is taking the Burrows route, and Hodgson has no intention of hanging with the Moose.

Visit the mothership for the pictures.

We'll keep this as an open thread for the remainder of prospects camp in case anything pops up. Just a reminder, I think will be showing the prospect games on Monday (against Calgary) and Tuesday (against Edmonton) but I'm not sure.