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Clarification on the Sedins-Gillis meeting

Isn't it great talking about something other than Mats Sundin in Canuckland?
The meeting between Gillis, the Sedins, and JP Barry is more of a "GM getting to know his players" dinner. The Sedins will hear what plans Gillis has for them.
"We're just going to have dinner," JP Barry explained. "It's just an initial dinner. There are no plans for a negotiating session. Mike needs to sit down with Daniel and Henrik, introduce himself, get to know them and talk about the future.
That's probably the best way for all of us to start."
Obviously the twins don't want to go their separate ways either. Does anyone even consider that a possibility? Maybe Gillis does. Maybe. But that is the wrong decision, period. These 2 share are eerliy inseparable.
"No, not for us," Henrik replied to a large scrum of reporters at Burnaby 8-Rinks. "It's not about us being twins. If you look at other tandems in the league that play on the same team, I don't think people are talking that way for them.

"We like it here. We've never been players to take the last dollar to stay here. If it's a little bit less, then we'll take it."
Remember what I said about what agents want and what the players they represent say? The agents want to get their players lucrative deals. Hank Sedin had said they would take a paycut to stay in Vancouver together and remain here longer. Barry of course had to clarify that:
"That's just Henrik being straightforward," Barry said. "Obviously, they know it's a priority to stay together and it's my job to find out for them what's appropriate in that context."
Yeah, you're worse than a blood-sucking lawyer aren't you?
Don't ask Gillis to tip his hat on the matter because he is remaining tight-lipped.
"We're going to have dinner and we'll see where it takes us," said the GM. "I really don't want to say too much about it because I'd like to speak to these guys first-hand and tell them what I'm thinking. I'm not going to do it through the media."
We'll see what both parties have to say after a few rum and cokes, swedish meatballs and chit chat.

Check out the Sun article for more on the story.

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