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Chris Simon and Darcy Verot raising hell in the KHL

I think it's fair to say that the Russian hockey fans like Chris Simon. Simon, who was basically exiled from the NHL, now plays for Moskvalaget HK MVD. Recently, in what was Simon's KHL debut I believe, a brawl broke out and Simon pounded on Mikhail Fedosejev, leaving him bleeding and retreating. That fight can be seen below:

There were several fights in that game. Over 160 minutes in penalties were handed out. Did you hear the fans cheer Simon? Did you see his teammates tapping their sticks on the ice as he left?

Simon did state that he's not in Russia to fight, but to play hockey. But I don't think his brawler side can always be contained for all that long. Apparently, Fedosejev considers himself a tough guy and went after Simon to prove himself. Well that was a mistake.
I know that more fans are going to these games, according to the reporter in the Simon story, but the KHL is threatening suspensions to Simon and any other player for continued brawls. Apparently, there is no such thing as "suspended without pay" in the KHL, correct me if I'm wrong. So what do the fighters have to lose?
Either way, I love old-school brawls. Seeing Simon pound that guy amuses me.
Link to the Simon story.

Darcy Verot, who played for the Capitals for about a third of a season about 5 years ago, is in his 2nd season in Russia. He has 29 penalty minutes in 3 games with Chekhov Vityaz so far. Last season for the same team he scored 2 goals in 43 games and amassed 511 penalty minutes! Goon city! From the same game as the Simon incident, here is Verot putting a beating on Alexey Krovopuskov.


- How about a Darcy Verot tribute/compilation from his rugged butt-kicking 2007-08 season.

- Verot wouldn't get away with this shit in the NHL. But it sure as hell is entertaining. Listen to the hundreds.......and hundreds of the Vityaz fans chanting Darcy's name.

-Tootoo vs Verot 1

- Tootoo vs Perot 2. Not so tough now, are ya Darcy? Owned twice in the same game by the same guy.

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