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The Bulin Wall isn't toast yet

The deadline teams have to pick up Khabibulin on waivers (and at his whopping salary) has come and gone (12:00 EST). Unless a late report comes out, no one has taken the former Cup winner.
Too much dough. And obviously teams are not willing to pay it. I can't imagine what Chicago was trying to get for him before they put him on waivers....but no one bit.
Now The Bulin Wall will most likely get demoted and then put on re-entry waivers, where most people believe he will be claimed at half of his $6.75 million salary. That makes Khabibulin cheap for the taker and knocks just over $3 million off the Hawks' cap spending.
So who is going to gamble on the netminder?
Rumors persist that Ottawa will trade for him. I say bunk to that. Gerber is getting his chance.
It seems that the Kings is his best fit. Sure, they are rebuilding, but when was the last time the Kings actually had a bonafide starting goalie?
It's all going to go down in the next several hours.

Speaking of waivers: Is anybody going to claim Michel Ouellet, who was put on waivers yesterday by the overloaded Lightning?