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At least Luongo is excited about the current Canucks team

"It reminds a bit of two years ago when I got here," Luongo said yesterday.
"There were a lot of new faces and a lot of people didn't know what to expect and we ended up having a great season. I get that same feeling a bit this year.
I think guys are going to be excited to play and once we all get together and play as a team, I think we're capable of great things."
I agree. But most pundits and experts predict the Canucks to finish anywhere from 11th in the West to 29th overall in the NHL this coming season. To me that always seemed ludicrous because we have the best goalie in the West and one of the best blue line corps still.
The big question mark remains whether or not the D and the 2 best forwards Mike Gillis acquired can remain healthy for extended periods of time.
Either way, I believe the Canucks should be deemed underdogs this year because of what has been said. Hey boys, they are predicting you to fail! Go out there and prove them wrong!
For more on Luongo, check out Ben Kuzma's article in the Province.