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Who's kidding who? Sundin saga is just a game

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We have been hearing JP Barry talk himself in circles this past week about WHEN Sundin will make up his mind. Now read a rough translation of what Sundin's Swedish agent Claus Elefalk said today in the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.
Where once this Sundin battle was down to 3 Canadian teams, it is now down to many more. The arrogance of Elefalk is sickening, yet a natural response by an agent. Obviously Elefalk is in control here and Barry is the pawn. You can see that Sundin and his agent are recognizing the hype this is all creating. Now Sundin has more choices of teams, as several more GM's are rising to the occasion.
This does not bode well for Sundin's chances of ending up in a Canucks uniform. More on the reasoning (besides the obvious) of that soon.

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