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Sundin to retire? Oh well, my PS3 simulation has the Canucks winning the Cup without him

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Sundin could retire, reports his agent JP Barry to TSN.
Barry says Sundin is still strongly considering hanging up the skates for good.
"The longer it takes, who knows? He is deciding whether its time to retire or not," Barry told TSN.
Sundin has told the press in May that he was considering retiring to married life, and this seems to more and more be the case. Imagine being that rich and then being engaged for the first time(?) and you're 37 fricking years old! That will suck the life out of ya! Ok, so that's harsh. But the lack of motivation is pretty apparent though, is it not?
Enough of that....

The day after a serious party, I often find myself immobilized and playing my Playstation 3. So yesterday I had enough free time to re-arrange all of the rosters on my NHL 08 game to match the current team rosters. (Yeah, that took time.) No Sundin on any roster. No Forsberg, Jagr, Sakic, etc playing in the NHL. I then chose the Dynasty Mode and picked the Canucks as my team and simulated a whole season plus playoffs. Not only did the Canucks win the West, they won the Stanley Cup...over Ottawa.
Horse shit, I thought. The PS3 is being biased because the Canucks were my default team. So I try again, and this time pick the lowly Florida Panthers as my default team. "Now I'll get something a little more 'realistic'" I thought to myself.
Well, here's what happened:

Western Conference

1. Canucks - 120 points
2. Ducks - 109 points
3. Blackhawks - 102 points (I created Toews and Kane months ago)
4. Flames - 92 points
5. Red Wings - 90 points

Canucks leaders in goals

1. Dank Sedin - 33
2. Taylor Pyatt - 28
3. Pavol Demitra - 26


1. Daniel Sedin - 52
2. Henrik Sedin - 51 (missed 10 games to injury)
3. Mason Raymond / Kyle Wellwood - 44


1. Dank Sedin - 85
2. Henrik Sedin - 72
3. Mason Raymond - 67
4. Taylor Pyatt - 65
5. Kyle Wellwood - 63
Demitra was 10th on the team with 45 points and yes, missed 14 games to injury)

After simulating the playoffs:

- The Canucks beat the Sharks in 6 games
- They beat the Flames in 5 games
- They beat the Blackhawks in 7 games in the semi-finals
- They killed the Flyers in 5 games to win the Stanley Cup again!

Who stepped it up in the playoffs?


1. Daniel Sedin - 15
2. Mason Raymond - 11
3. Matt Pettinger / Kyle Wellwood - 10


1. Sami "glass" Salo - 20
2. Mattias Ohlund / Alex Edler - 15
3. Raymond / Pyatt - 14


1. Daniel Sedin - 28 points
2. Raymond - 25
3. Wellwood / Pyatt- 23
4. Salo - 22
5. Henrik Sedin - 20
Demitra was further down the list with 16 points. Not so stellar, Pavol.

EA Sports could be somewhat BC-biased (hello Burnaby!) but remember, before the playoffs started last April, the simulation had the Sharks winning the Cup.

Isn't it great living in a fantasy world sometimes? Happy frickin' BC Day!

Other things I noticed in the stats:

- Naslund thrived in New York but didn't break 100 points.
- Bertuzzi thrived with Iginla and both had over 100 points. They were both in the top 5 of league scoring. Nuts I say!
- Mason Raymond really stepped it up the whole season, as the stats show.
- As did Pyatt and Jason Jaffray. Steve Bernier has a low rating in NHL 08 and didn't get as many points playing on the 4th line.

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