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Sundin personally denies Larry Brooks' report that he wants to go to the Rangers

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On top of JP Barry denying the NY Post story as truth, now Sundin is following suit. From
No real negotiation

Brooks refers to sources within the Rangers while he points out that some genuine negotiations are not underway between the parties.
Sundin, who is still at home in Sweden on holiday, feel no pressure to give any information about his future and he claims that the information contained in the New York Post is not the case.

- I have no idea where they got the information from, but it is not true, "says Sundin.
-- The situation remains unchanged. The situation is as it was in May or June.

When do you decide to you?
- I hope to reach a decision in August. It is my goal.

Now Rangers are listed as your förstaval in terms of potential clubs?
- I have not even begun to think about lagfrågan. I have not reached any where even with the big question if I should play on or not.
So there you have it, from the horse's mouth. When a reporter prints a load of bunk like Brooks did, you have to leave the story as a potential option. Especially in the case of Sundin, who doesn't tell anybody anything other than "he has not even made a decision to play yet."
At least he has now said that he would like to make his decision in August. So some kind of decision is coming soon. Until then, don't believe these people who have "inside sources", even including someone of the Larry Brooks-magnitude and influence.
I have to admit, it does make me feel pretty good inside to hear Sundin say that it's not true that the Rangers are his first pick. It's like telling some spoiled rich kid that he can't have a chocolate cookie because he's already fat enough.
That's the best I could come up with... sorry :)

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