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Senators trade Meszaros to Lightning for Kuba and Picard

The Senators just couldn't reach a deal with Meszaros. He is expected to sign a 6-year deal worth about $4 million per season with the Bolts. That's probably about $500,000 more than the Sens were offering.
So Ottawa saves $1 million, as Kuba makes $3 million this season until he becomes a free agent in the summer.
Kuba scored 6 goals and 31 points in 75 games last season.
Meszaros scored 9 goals and 36 points in 82 games.
So the points output is about the same. Skill-wise I suppose Meszaros is better.
Hence, defenceman Alexandre Picard was thrown in the mix to Ottawa as well. He has 28 points in 92 NHL games. Probably fair to say he's the 6th or 7th d-man in Ottawa.
Meszaros' reported $4 million contract will put the Lightning just under the cap. They could still use another defenceman though.

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