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Sedins to finish their careers in Modo

From (roughly translated)
They have probably four five seasons left in North America before it bears homewards to Z-fold.
First, they want to defend Olympic gold at home in Vancouver in 2010.
- The fact that there will be games in Modo is, of course, and we want to come home while we are fresh, but first it will be a few years in the NHL," said Daniel Sedin.
First of all, I am drunk.
Secondly, what does this say about the Swede sisters' desire to succeed in the NHL?
I say not much. Gold medal for their country BEFORE a Cup. What is your opinion?
They had better perform better this season, or their integrity is gone, in my opinion.

**SOBER EDIT** In the end, they can do whatever they want. This is nothing to be overly concerned about yet because ANYTHING can happen.
But I still want to see more from the Twins this season. No more excuses.

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